James "Big Jim" Colosimo
出现季数 1
出生地点 Colosimi, Calabria, Italy
生日 February 16, 1878
年龄 41
死亡 Shot by Frankie Yale in January[1] 1920
演员 Frank Crudele

James "Big Jim" Colosimo is the former head of the Chicago crime syndicate. He is played by Frank Crudele.


James "Big Jim" Colosimo virtually owned Chicago. He had over 200 whore houses and gambling operations and even his own restaurant "The Colosimo Cafe". He was also known as "Diamond Jim" because of his flashy dressing and jewelry.

Season 1

As prohibition was enacted, Johnny Torrio, Colosimo's number two, wanted to get into bootlegging but Colosimo was happy with what he had. Torrio and Colosimo went to Atlantic City so that Torrio could broker a meeting between Atlantic City Treasurer Nucky Thompson and New York organized crime boss Arnold Rothstein.

Colosimo and Torrio are welcomed to the Brighton Hotel by the manager. Torrio's driver Al Capone trails behind them and Prohibition Agent Nelson Van Alden watches from across the lobby. Torrio introduces Colosimo to Arnold Rothstein and his associate Charles “Lucky” Luciano.

Colosimo and Torrio are driven to the Traymore Hotel by Capone. Nucky and his driver Jimmy Darmody arrive right behind them. Torrio introduces Nucky to Colosimo. As they enter the lobby Van Alden and his partner Agent Sebso look on as they greet Rothstein and Luciano. Sebso is confused while Van Alden can easily identify all of the party.

At the dinner table, Nucky entertains the gangsters with a joke about a divorce. Colosimo does not understand. They talk about Rothstein not drinking and his massive success at gambling and Colosimo's restaurant and prostitution businesses in Chicago. Torrio reminds Nucky that he is expecting a matchmaking fee and then begins a verbose introduction. Luciano is eager to get straight to business. Luciano tells Nucky they will buy up to 200 cases a month. Nucky rebuffs him and notes that young people have no appreciation for conversation. Luciano goes to the bathroom and Rothstein makes a more subtle request to buy alcohol. Rothstein agrees to pay $60,000 for the shipment Nucky has bought from McCoy.

With their business concluded, Colosimo returns to Chicago. Rothstein's shipment is later hijacked by Capone and Darmody without Colosimo's knowledge.

At his restaurant in Chicago Colosimo plays a record and does not notice as Frankie Yale approaches from behind him. Yale shoots Colosimo in the head. Later Capone delivers the hijacked liquor to Torrio and is warmly greeted by Torrio and Yale. Torrio had Colosimo killed because of his resistance to bootlegging. ("Boardwalk Empire")

Colosimo's funeral is attended by thousands of people and makes national news. Rothstein interrogates Yale and finds out that Torrio ordered Colosimo's murder. The police are less successful in their investigation and the murder goes unsolved. ("The Ivory Tower")

Eleven years after his death, Big Jim is briefly mentioned by Nucky Thompson while he and Johnny Torrio are recounting gangsters who have been slain throughout the years. (" The Good Listener")


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  1. In real life, Colosimo was murdered in May 11, 1920


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