Salvatore Maranzano
出现季数 5
出生地点 Castellammare del Golfo,Sicily,Italy
生日 July, 31 1886
年龄 45
死亡 Stabbed multiple times and then shot in the head by Eli Thompson in 1931
演员 Giampiero Judica

Salvatore Maranzano is a powerful New York City mob boss. He is at war with Joe "The Boss" Masseria for control over mafia operations in the city and to claim the position as "Boss of all bosses".

In season 5 episode 7 Nucky makes a deal with Lucky to kill Maranano in exchange for his nephew, Will.

Maranzano, along with his staff, is killed by Eli Thompson. The men use knives to stab him several times and Eli shoots him once in the head once he is on the ground.

He died sadly, but said the final words "wiles is waste"



Hailing from Castellammare Del Golfo, Sicily, he arrives in America just shortly after World War 1.